Sunday, August 8, 2010

Barn owl

injured Barn owl rescued by the ASHA aniamls foundation,
india, last month in june

suffering camel

Camel is suffering on raods and suffering a lot
becuse his owner not provide any treatment and leave on road, ASHA rescued the camel and then vet. of the ASHA euthanise the camel. Camel is suffering from nose cancer and can not eat.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


i also lost my home, right now i am in ASHA foundation at hathijan area,ahmedabad city in india

baby crow

Baby crow lost his home because of heavy rain and he fallen down,
he is now in shelter of ASHA.
Date 3 august 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

suffering rabbit

A rabbit is suffering from sever skin problem and suffering from mouth injury and can not wail proplrly, now rabbit is under the treatment of vet. at ASHA foundation ,
kindly see

save birds

somany birds become an injured by the kite flying day

so ASHA Foundation provide on the spot service for suffering birds

injured birds

the bird fallen down from his nest and staff of the ASHA rescued.

injured falcon

indian falcon fallen down becuse of the glass coated thred which is use for kite flying,wing is injured and it's a minor injury.
ASHA rescued the falcon and give shelter.

rescued monitor lizrd

moniter lizard and snakes are rescued by the ASHA foundation.Mr Jayntibhai who take

the training of how to catch the sankes.Evry month we gets 45 to 60 calls for sanke catching

In ahmedabad city we get cobra,moniter lizard,red send boa,chekard kill beck,python,Rat canke,

easily found. kindly see