Thursday, November 18, 2010

Whats my fault

2 months old street dog baby lost his eye becuse some one throw stone and now he is ok but he suffer with pain four days and now he is much batter plese adopt this dog really he need your help

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

volunteers of the ASHA

the four volunteers from london they work with ASHA foundation and did the treatemnt of street dogs,also help our vet and doing surgery of street dogs and cats

save wild bird ckoo-ckoo

injured ckoo-ckoo is suffering from met accident with glass windows and unconscious
he lost his leg also
now vet of the ASHA treat the bird
he is at the shelter of the ASHA

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

spain volunteer in foundation

Dr isreal from spain working for 15 days as a volunteer in asha foundation , he is very and very expert in surgery he did surgery on cats and street dogs

really he is a very very nice men

and now he is lalu"s best friend really

lalu like his job and he tech lalu one important things in life that helps lalu to devlopment of the shelter

Friday, September 3, 2010

me and my dad on cycle

when ramu ( small baby dog) become a sick and his owner(Dad)took the Ramu at the shelter of the ASHA on bicycle and after 2 days
treatemnt he bceome a good, now Ramu said thenks to jagdish and jaynti staff of the ASHA foundation
his dad is a cycle michenic thnaks to his dad

suffering female monkey

Mr. jay from Kalol villgae trnsfer the monkey at the ASHA shelter,
monkey is suffering from live elctricity wire ,which is heavy phase and monkey burns his right hand and also some bleeding in right leg.
now Dr. desai, jagdih and jaynti doing operation and remove the hand

and after 3 hours he eat banana llitle bit

he is quite batter now
thanks to Mr Jay

injured water birds called titodi

Injured local bird found on the national express highway,

Mr. Bharat pandya took the suffering birds and trnsfer at the ASHA shelter and now the birds are under the treatment.