Thursday, November 18, 2010

Whats my fault

2 months old street dog baby lost his eye becuse some one throw stone and now he is ok but he suffer with pain four days and now he is much batter plese adopt this dog really he need your help

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

volunteers of the ASHA

the four volunteers from london they work with ASHA foundation and did the treatemnt of street dogs,also help our vet and doing surgery of street dogs and cats

save wild bird ckoo-ckoo

injured ckoo-ckoo is suffering from met accident with glass windows and unconscious
he lost his leg also
now vet of the ASHA treat the bird
he is at the shelter of the ASHA

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

spain volunteer in foundation

Dr isreal from spain working for 15 days as a volunteer in asha foundation , he is very and very expert in surgery he did surgery on cats and street dogs

really he is a very very nice men

and now he is lalu"s best friend really

lalu like his job and he tech lalu one important things in life that helps lalu to devlopment of the shelter

Friday, September 3, 2010

me and my dad on cycle

when ramu ( small baby dog) become a sick and his owner(Dad)took the Ramu at the shelter of the ASHA on bicycle and after 2 days
treatemnt he bceome a good, now Ramu said thenks to jagdish and jaynti staff of the ASHA foundation
his dad is a cycle michenic thnaks to his dad

suffering female monkey

Mr. jay from Kalol villgae trnsfer the monkey at the ASHA shelter,
monkey is suffering from live elctricity wire ,which is heavy phase and monkey burns his right hand and also some bleeding in right leg.
now Dr. desai, jagdih and jaynti doing operation and remove the hand

and after 3 hours he eat banana llitle bit

he is quite batter now
thanks to Mr Jay

injured water birds called titodi

Injured local bird found on the national express highway,

Mr. Bharat pandya took the suffering birds and trnsfer at the ASHA shelter and now the birds are under the treatment.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

15 august , celebration of independence day

ASHA staff members are celebrated independence day on 15 th august 2010

at the shelter of the ASHA foundation,india

injured donkey

every day ASHA gets the call that donkey is met with an accident on raods and as soon as possible ASHA vet. reach at the spot and give the treatment

injured baby cats, rosy

Jaynti found on road injured baby cat and he is now at ASHA shelter her right side leg is broken and not walking prprly

plese and plese adopt her she need home

injured camel

ASHA recscued injured camel who lost his nose and suffering from

magott and could not walk proprly

ASHA give the shelter for injured camel and now he is ok

rescued water turtle

so many turtle are saleing illegaly in the market of the Ahmedabad city

so volunteer of ASHA and police of the ahmedabad city rescued the turtle from the market and release thier natural habitat.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Barn owl

injured Barn owl rescued by the ASHA aniamls foundation,
india, last month in june

suffering camel

Camel is suffering on raods and suffering a lot
becuse his owner not provide any treatment and leave on road, ASHA rescued the camel and then vet. of the ASHA euthanise the camel. Camel is suffering from nose cancer and can not eat.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


i also lost my home, right now i am in ASHA foundation at hathijan area,ahmedabad city in india

baby crow

Baby crow lost his home because of heavy rain and he fallen down,
he is now in shelter of ASHA.
Date 3 august 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

suffering rabbit

A rabbit is suffering from sever skin problem and suffering from mouth injury and can not wail proplrly, now rabbit is under the treatment of vet. at ASHA foundation ,
kindly see

save birds

somany birds become an injured by the kite flying day

so ASHA Foundation provide on the spot service for suffering birds

injured birds

the bird fallen down from his nest and staff of the ASHA rescued.

injured falcon

indian falcon fallen down becuse of the glass coated thred which is use for kite flying,wing is injured and it's a minor injury.
ASHA rescued the falcon and give shelter.

rescued monitor lizrd

moniter lizard and snakes are rescued by the ASHA foundation.Mr Jayntibhai who take

the training of how to catch the sankes.Evry month we gets 45 to 60 calls for sanke catching

In ahmedabad city we get cobra,moniter lizard,red send boa,chekard kill beck,python,Rat canke,

easily found. kindly see

Saturday, July 31, 2010

adopt cat

we have small 3 kitten and they need good home. all cats are 3 months old

and vaccinated . kindly conatct us

injured donksy

we have three donkeys right now under the treatment of vet.
mostly donkey are using for transfer of briks,send one palce to another palce and mainly thay have

leg problem and they can not walk proplrly. sometime owner tied front leg and same side back legs so scrching create in the legs and affect a lot.ASHA provide treatemnt of injured donkey.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

injured turtle

In rain ,so many turtle are come out on raods and when they cross the roads at that time they met with an accident.ASHA gets one trutle which met whit an accident and severly injured at that time ASHA foundation provide treatment of them.

water duck injured becuse of street dog attcecks

ASHA foundation got the call from the Vejalpur lake area and staff rescueds beutiful duck its a rare breed and suffering from the dog atteck.We give the shelter service and also keep 15 days in shelter then we release at the birds santuary at Nalsarovar.kindly see

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friends forever

orpahn cow , Ganga and lovely street dog
at ASHA foundation


Ahmedabad city is the home for Barn owl,horn owl and spotted owl.We provide treatment of the owl and after treatemnt we release at the natural habitat.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby monkey

Baby monkey Nanu in the ASHA foundation,ahmedabad ,india
he is 2.5 motnhs old now

monkeys treatment by ASHA

Every day we gets 3 to 4 calls in different area for the treatment of the monkey.Right now we have 8 monkeys in our shelter.ASHA is the home for orphan baby monkey.
mostly monkey met with an accident on road while they cross the road some time shoke with electricity.

injured street dogs

Mr. Jagdishbhai give the treatment of the suffering street dogs.
He wroks for asha foundation last three years he is a very expert men in the treatment of street animals and birds.

Injured Goat

Mostly shephard comunity keeps Goats and sheeps in india.the goat met with an accident on road.The school bus hit the goat and 7th std boy
name Rohan call to the ASHA foundation and with in a 15 to 20 minutes the rescuse car reached the spot and save the suffering goat.
unfortunatly back side left leg is cut by the vet
of the foundation and give the new life of the balck goat.Her name is Kali

Anti rabies vaccine project

200000 street dogs are moving on the roads at ahmedabad city at india.Mostly dogs are suffering from the rabies and road accidents.
some dogs are suffering from mange,cancer,and starvation.
vet and staff of the foundation provide
D-warm tablet and anti rabies vaccine for street dogs and trying to make the city rabies free. Every day we give the vaccines to 40 to 45 dogs.
in this project we need volunteers. pls help us kindly see

Thursday, July 22, 2010

injured camels

Vet. of the ASHA foundation give the treatment of the injured camel.In the Ahmedabad city

mostly camel are using to pull the cart.The cart is loaded with heavy laguage, because of the

heavy traffic on roads the camel met with an accident with car and injuries on legs.

kindly see

injured egyptian vulture

Sataff of the foundation give treatment of the egyptian vulture which became a victim of the thred during the kite flying day.

Injured monkey

staff of the ASHA foundation give the treatment of the injured monkey which is victim of the electricity shoke and fallen down.

International volunteer

International volunteer from uk and USA did the strilization and anti-rabies vaccines for street dogs and trying to help the ASHA foundation.We heartly say thank you to them
Lauren and kristine do the strilization of street dogs at the operation theater of ASHA foundation,Ahmedabad,India

save street dogs life

200000 street dogs are moving on the roads at ahmedabad city at india,ASHA is the only hospital and shelter for street animals which provide free treatment for street animals and birds.ASHA is the regsterd trust and evry day we gets 40 to 50 phone calls in entire ahmedabad city for street animals and birds treatment.We need your help to save the life of injured street dogs.The 7 months old male dog suffering with and road accident and vet. of the ASHA foundation doing operation and remove the legs which is badly injured.

Save birds

People of the Ahmedabad city at india celebrating
kite flying day every year in month of january 14 and 15. within a 2 days 2000 birds become an
injured by the glass coted thread and chinise thred,some birds died on the spot and some
can not fly forever.We have special project to save the birds.We need your help to save the
life of birds. pls kindly see for more information and be a volunteer.

street dogs treatment by ASHA staff

The dog is suffering from mouth alser problem and staff of the ASHA animals foundation give
free treament fo the suffering dog,

kindly see
pls become a volunteer to save the life of
street dogs.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ASHA animals foundation,India

ASHA animals foundation is working for street animals and birds in ahmedabad city at india.Mr. Harmesh Bhatt a law stydent form pune university satart the ASHA foundation before 3 years ago. ASHA is the Reg. cheritable trust. The facilities include mobile clinic,Shelter service and hospital service for street animals and birds free of cost.
vision of the ASHA foundation
To provide free treatment of all street animals and birds,removing them from pain and trying to give them a new life

Aim of the ASHA foundation
to make a perfect hospital for street animals and birds in ahmedabad city

kindly see for more information